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0000066Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Jobs, Healthcarepublic2010-04-01 18:302014-07-25 15:13
Toady One 
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0000066: Cloth/thread stolen from traders for hospital
When the elven caravan arrived my dwarfs swarmed them and took all their cloth to the hospital zone chests.

They didn't do it for the dwarven caravan, but I possibly didn't have a hospital zone, and I definetely didn't have any chests.
Build Hospital
 Possibly Build Chest required
Wait for elven (any?) caravan
cloth, hospital, trade, zone
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2010-04-02 16:31   
Confirmed. Created hospital zone before Dwarf caravan arrived. I brought no cloth at embark. As soon as the caravan arrived, the dwarves seized the cloth up to the max I had set for the hospital (3 bolts).
2010-04-08 19:01   
This could be related to starving dwarves stealing from the caravan (I found this in 40d, but I think it was an intended feature)
2010-04-11 11:08   
Just had it happen to me.. even caught it on video.. http://www.mkv25.net/dfma/movie-2117-theivingdwarves [^]

Sorry about making a duplicate report.
2010-05-12 17:36   
(edited on: 2010-05-12 19:11)
Happened to me twice... they seem to steal from the caravan even if i have the cloth needed...

(Elves deserved it tho)

Edit: With 50 dwarves stealing it causes massive slowdown, mostly cause of the constant recalculations since everything involved is mooving.

2010-05-28 11:04   
Probably related to this old bug:

# 000377 □ [dwarf mode][jobs][healthcare] dwarves giving food to the wounded don't mind stealing from visiting merchants even if it isn't urgent
2010-07-11 17:30   
Confirmed in 0.31.10
2010-07-15 17:40   
yes confirmed for .10 they even ignore the maximum setting... i have now 50000/10000 clothing in the hospital and they still steal from the caravan :/
2010-08-03 14:22   
Still happening in 0.31.12. I watched my dwarves carry off a bunch of cloth from the dwarven caravan before I'd even begun trading.
2010-10-15 20:53   
Still happening in 31.16.
2011-02-28 20:51   
538 has been marked closed for 31.20, should this?
2011-02-28 21:09   
0000538 was closed as a duplicate of this report, because it wasn't necessary to have both reports (cloth and thread are almost the same thing). This report should stay open unless it has been confirmed as fixed.
2012-04-27 01:17   
Just confirming this still happens in 34.07.

2012-05-15 11:16   
This just happened to me in latest, 34.08 version. First year, dwarven caravan. Same story, every dwarf run like rabid dog to the nearest wagon to get himself some cloth like it's a silk sock after goblin ambush. I THINK they ignored merchant mules...but it could be they just did not carry any cloth.
2012-06-20 08:35   
This is still happening in 34.11

removed hospital zone, but jobs still in queue
removed containers, but jobs still in queue
2012-10-09 00:28   
Haha, I was wondering why my dwarves raided the caravan for cloth. I chalked it up to a generous gift from the elves, but guess it's just a bug :P

2012-12-26 14:38   
This just happened to me. The damnedest thing was, even after the hospital was filled to three times its cloth capacity, the dwarves kept going back to steal more cloth. They CLEANED OUT the elves -- I didn't count precisely, but judging from the number of times I had to scroll down in the stocks screen, they took at least 200 bolts of cloth all told.

I'm wondering if each individual dwarf thought, "The hospital currently has 0 cloth so I need to take [let's say] six bolts". So each dwarf made six [or however many] trips, but since there were dozens of them, the amount of cloth they all seized together was outrageously overblown. Obviously the seizure shouldn't be happening at all, but it seems to me like there's a secondary problem with dwarves assuming they need to fill the coffers all by themselves. Each dwarf should reevaluate the cloth stock after each trip, rather than deciding to go back half a dozen times no matter what other dwarves are doing.
2014-07-11 18:13   
Still happens as of 40.02 - and for what it's worth, it's still hilarious
2014-07-12 09:52   
RenQuar had this save for 40.02 from 0007134:
http://dffd.wimbli.com/file.php?id=8909 [^]
2014-07-22 04:51   
Just saw this!

Also, there's a bug where dwarves will store much more cloth in hospitals than is needed (0000191, 0004406), and that makes this one even more apparent.
2014-07-25 09:59   
Chaoseed, both 0000191 and 0004406 are fixed for the next version (44.05). This report is possibly fixed as a side-effect, though considering merchant goods as available for use might be another bug entirely.
2014-07-25 11:54   
This has been happening a lot to me (nearly on every fort) at version 0.34.11 is good to know this bug is solved since it bugged the fortress' hospital.