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0006859Dwarf FortressAdventure Mode -- Sitespublic2014-07-09 12:492014-07-10 16:15
0006859: Crash when traveling from necromancer towers
Every time you try to (t)ravel in a necromancer tower the game will freeze and crash.
Simply visit a necromancer tower and try to travel, the game will freeze. You have to be inside the site for this to happen, if you leave the site the bug will no longer occur.
Another bug(?) I noticed was that zombies that were inside the tower didn't even try to attack me nor do anything and necromancers simply ran from the tower with no explanation and without trying to attack me.
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duplicate of 0006654resolved Toady One Indefinite hang fast-traveling from (or sleeping in) necromancer tower 
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The necromancer running out and the zombies being complacent have been reported elsewhere.