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Toady One 
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0000692: Extended Combat with Zombie Giant Eagle
In the grand scheme of things, this is probably very minor, and I am certain everyone is aware combat is a bit wonky right now, but here it is: The creature is dissapointingly un-deadly (pun!). It took an age to kill (as it should) but failed to substantially wound any of my unarmored military.
Presumably to go into the arena with a dwarf with no combat skills trained and see how long it takes a Zombie Giant Eagle to kill him. I'm going to guess a long time.
I had my starting fortress on the edge of a "terrifying" area, and had the pleasure of a visit from a Zombie Giant Eagle. I tasked eight dwarves (with no military skill) to kill it - four outfitted with iron warhammers, four wrestling. None of the dwarves had any armor. The result was the most epic fight in the history of ever. It lasted the better part of the fall, during which time the rest of my civilians were continually fleeing/attempting to re-enter the fort. None of my dwarves died, and indeed the military suffered only mild injury. All four wrestlers were legendary by the end of the ordeal, and the dwarves with hammers had become hammerdwarves.

What is troublesome was not that it was difficult to kill the creature, but rather that the creature itself was so pathetically weak that the best it managed to do was dent the head of one of the civilians on the way in, despite not one of the military wearing armor.
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Urist Imiknorris   
2010-05-10 05:53   
I think the main issue here is that clothing as armor is perhaps better than it should be.
2010-05-10 09:14   
clothing armor makes a zombie giant eagle's attacks ineffective? how is this the issue, i'd say the zombie not being able to do any damage at ALL is the issue
2010-05-10 10:23   
Were your dwarves wearing clothes or not?
2010-07-25 14:43   
Reminder sent to: caldfir

Is this still an issue in 31.12?
2010-07-26 16:29   
As far as I am aware both the invincibility of zombified creatures (tested extensively) and the non-lethality of blunt weapons have been fixed. I cannot say if giant eagles themselves are substantially dangerous again yet - this has to do with the material types for bones and claws or something if I remember correctly, but if I am not mistaken, that has also been fixed.

I think that all the bugs that contributed to this have individually been resolved.
2010-07-26 16:57   
Okay, I'll mark it as fixed then.