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0000702Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Militarypublic2010-04-07 03:142010-06-11 12:51
Toady One 
0000702: Military dwarf is assigned wrong size ("large") armor
I created a single-dwarf squad (my military commander) and a different dwarf as arsenal dwarf. I used (M)ilitary->(e)quip to assign a custom uniform for the dwarf, ordering him to use a metal breastplate, helm, greaves, gauntlet, high boot, shield, and battle axe.

I noticed the dwarf equipped everything properly, except for boots. I reset the uniform (by assigning him the default Metal Armor uniform,then manually deleting the items on the list and re-specifying (A)rmor, (L)egs, and so on). This time he put on boots properly, and everything else, except gauntlets.

Finally, I hit (P)ri/Assignments to see what particular items the arsenal dwarf had assigned to him, and noticed he was tasked to put on some (large copper gauntlets) that I had taken off some human caravan guards earlier.

The bug is that the arsenal dwarf assigned armor that the axedwarf was unable to wear (due to size difference).
Have large-sized armor available alongside normal-sized armor. Assign armor to be worn by squads - dwarves will sometimes attempt to put on large-size armor (and fail, thus wearing incomplete sets despite having enough proper-sized armor pieces available)
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Further findings: In my latest 31.03 game, I have melted or traded away every piece of large size armor I own (verified in stocks screen), and yet the arsenal dwarf is still assigning large bronze gauntlets to my militia commander. The only large bronze gauntlets on the map are worn by the human trade caravan.

It seems the arsenal dwarf/soldier equip subroutine sees every piece of armor on the map as available for use, regardless of ownership, size, or forbid status.
2010-06-10 20:39   
Toady says it's fixed in 31.06, plus I haven't seen it recur in my current game on 31.06. Please close, thanks.
2010-06-10 20:43   
Alright. If it turns out this wasn't actually fixed, feel free to reopen this issue or PM me on the forums.