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0007061: Asleep dwarf is still moving - sleepwalking?
I had just interrupted a party my miners were wasting time at by undesignating the table (then immediately redesignating it), when one of them promptly fell asleep on the floor... then started slowly moving towards his bedroom a few floors down. While unconscious.
There's definitely no other dwarf carrying him, and his bed wasn't near the dining room horizontally either (in case the AI forgot to check what z-level he was on or something).
Load this .rar'd save (after uncompressing it) :

http://dffd.wimbli.com/file.php?id=8869 [^]
I had a wounded military dwarf get a possessed mood earlier, and that acted a little weird too - as soon as the mood announcement appeared he claimed a workshop he wasn't near. Then he woke up from his rest, a bit stunned, and slowly made his way to the workshop (strangely slowly considering only his left hand was broken, not legs or anything).

Things proceeded as normal until he demanded cloth - I was able to get some webs from the caverns in time and weave it, but I'm pretty sure it teleported into his workshop as soon as the weaving finished. In any case, after that everything proceeded as normal and I got a crappy wooden earring. Ever since he's been resting normally.
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