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Spehss _ 
Toady One 
0007063: AI prefer punching and kicking to using weapons, even as weaponmasters
The NPC AI tend to use punches and kicks more frequently than their weapons. This is especially noticeable when humanoids are trying to finish off an unconscious enemy that's wearing a metal helmet. Rather than use the weapon they have in their hands that they are highly skilled in, instead they punch the unconscious target in the head. Again. And again.
1.Enter arena
2.Create two independent humanoids (humans, goblins, dwarves, etc.) armed with any weapon and give them grandmaster skill in that weapon, nothing else
3.Watch the fight unfold tick by tick.
4.Note how often these weaponmasters prefer to punch and kick, despite how they have no skill in it whatsoever.
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2014-07-13 12:40   
Yeah I've seen this. It's something to do with attacks of opportunity but it does need to be resolved.
2014-07-15 06:08   
This is definitely an issue in Fortress mode too. Dwarves who have been issued a weapon train wrestling more than they train with their assigned/equipped weapon. When entering actual combat, they seem to prefer strikes or grapples over their weapon, and waste a huge amount of time slapping the enemy instead of stabbing it.
2014-07-16 02:16   
It's a shame. All these training spears and all my recruits do in sparring sessions is punch each other. And specifically punch - they don't do any kicking, either.

The most gains they've had to their spear skills have been from demonstrations and individual drills.

2014-07-16 04:40   
Adding/duplicating attacks of weapons in the raws seems to make units use weapons more. It seems that the AI now treats unarmed and armed attacks as equal in level, even though armed attacks should have priority.
Amena Ralikema   
2014-07-17 11:19   
(edited on: 2014-07-17 11:23)
I just had my first siege and this happened - marksdwarfs sent to finish off a human started punching him and wrestling him instead of whacking him with their crossbows. After I sent my half-trained melee fighters, they did the same, even though they had weapons equipped and at least "Dabbling" in those weapons.

P.S. Anyone wants a save?

2014-07-17 12:45   
Xangi seems to be onto something with attacks of opportunity. In fortress mode sparring, I typically see "strikes" which end up getting blocked. Every time they punch, however, it seems to land, which might contribute to wrestling increasing faster than the assigned weapon. On top of this, wrestling training is dangerous. With wrestling gaining so quickly, I've had a dwarf throw another dwarf while sparring, which injured the thrown dwarf when his hand skidded across the ground. "Lightly tapping the target" doesn't help much when dwarves end up throwing each other (maybe intentional?).
Toady One   
2014-07-18 09:10   
Ah, it appears one of my more recent changes to support multiple wields had the unintended side effect of screwing up everything else. Hopefully it'll be better for next time.