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0007092: Weapons are duplicated with 'q' option
This reproduced with Bronze spear/Copper dagger numerous times for me. I've tried to reproduce it w/ other weapons, w/ 1 weapon, etc etc, did not reproduce.
I've tried to recreate exact situation in which this was firstly caught, didn't reproduce either.
1) Have 2 items in hands
2) Remove with 'q'
3) Check inventory
- At this point, I've had only 2 items on my Adventurer + number of bloody stuff
4) Press 'q' one more time
- At this point, I've had 4 items in 'strapped to body' state with no weapons in hands
Logs right around of the point of this:

The Dwarf Wrestler jumps out of your flight path!
The Dwarf Wrestler misses You!
The Dwarf Wrestler misses You!
The Dwarf Wrestler misses You!
The Dwarf Wrestler misses You!
You slam into the Dwarf Wrestler!
The Dwarf Wrestler kicks You in the right lower leg with his left foot, bruising the muscle!
The Dwarf Wrestler jumps out of your flight path!
The Dwarf Wrestler's left lower leg skids along the ground, bruising the muscle through the small llama wool dress!
You draw the copper spear with your Left hand.
You draw the large copper dagger with your Right hand.
You do not have a free grasp for the bronze spear.
You do not have a free grasp for the silver short sword.
You strap the copper spear to your Upper body.
You strap the large copper dagger to your Upper body.
The Dwarf Wrestler slams into the Dwarf Swordsdwarf!

I was in a middle of a fight with 3 of the enemies, was [j]umping around like a crazy, and after some tries to punch them I remembered that I've took 2 weapons from their fallen comrades already. I've pressed 'q' to unstrap them from my body, and still did not have an option to stab/slash/etc. Then I've checked the inventory, and seen that I have 4 weapons strapped to my body.
All of them were usable with [r]emove option, however if I pressed 'q' again 2 of them were disappearing. This happend at least 3 times, when I decided to check if other strapped weapons would duplicate, which did not happen.
adventure mode, weapons
related to 0006715new  Items wrestled away from opponent with both hands appear doubled/duplicated in inventory 
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It seems that logs are not from the exact point, but of my later tries to reproduce the issue.
I do not see the action of strapping/trying to unstrap two weapons same in my gamelog.txt.
More information to follow if I would be able to reproduce it reliably.
2014-07-11 20:19   
If you can get a save that reproduces this problem, please upload it to http://dffd.wimbli.com/ [^] and post the link here.
2014-07-22 10:34   
If anyone can reproduce this, please PM me on the forums.