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0007320Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Jobs, Constructions (walls etc)public2014-07-14 23:102014-07-14 23:28
0007320: Removing a construction causes all nearby items to teleport to the deconstructor
When a constructed item is removed, all the nearby items disappear!

Fortunately they don't seem to be gone, just all sucked into the deconstruction frenzy and stacked with the item that the construction was made of (which should be the only item teleported to that location).
Dig out an area so it has a bunch of stone lying around.
Construct a wall near the middle of the stones.
Set the wall to be removed.
Wait for the dwarf to finish the job.
Observe all the surrounding items teleport to where the dwarf was standing when they were removing the construction.
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duplicate of 0005994resolved Toady One Destroying a construction teleports nearby items 
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