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0007506: Buckets, splint, crutch not availables because of Hospital (used in a task)

I got 2 hospital zones in my fort, with 60 coffers in each to store mats.
mats limits are set low, but as usual not respected (nearly all cloth in the fort goes in the first hospital)

But this is not my current concern... Each time a dwarf will be put in the hospital, he will die of thirst.

Not because lack of water, I have plenty of wells.

Not because of lack of idle dwarves, some are trying to give water, but cancel the job because of lack of empty buckets.

Having more than 100 buckets in the fort, I tried to find why they would all be in use. In fact, they are all flaged as TSK, and the linked task seems to be 'hauling to hospital'. However, as there is no space left in hospital, nobody will ever put it there and in the meantime they are not available...
It's the same for crutches and splint, all are marked as used in a task, and they cannot be used.
http://dffd.wimbli.com/file.php?id=9076 [^]
the only workaround I found is disabling the hospital, and then cancelling manualy all these hauling jobs so that they get available again.
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related to 0004406resolved Toady One Hospital zone does not respect cloth maximums 
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There is a know bug concerning the overstocking of hospitals (0004406), and 60 coffers is too much anyway.

The workaround is to lower hospital requirements to 0 in the zone screen, remove all container buildings from the hospitals and use carefully managed stockpiles instead. E.g. a furniture stockpile that accepts only buckets, etc.

2014-07-20 08:56   
Yep, I knew this one for a long time, but I was just thinking there was an other issue with jobs creation and hospital.

But indeed it may just be a consequence of the limitations not being properlytaken into account.