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0007549: Z-level shifting causing Tower-caps punching through to the surface
I've got Tower-caps punching through single-layer dirt ceiling (from a fire clay floor). The top of the Tower-cap claims to be at Z-1, even though it is two levels above the surface. It's happening in fortress mode for a save that I brought over from 0.40.03...

The Z-level shifting seems to be localized on the map, but I can't figure out exactly what is triggering it. I'll try to post the save for you all to look at.
This is a fortress site from save from 40.03. I have not tried to replicate with a newly gen'd world or site.
trees, z-levels
duplicate of 0007535resolved Toady One Underground trees grow through ground, other weirdness. 
duplicate of 0006504new  Ground relative z level indicator uses pre-erosion ground level instead of current ground level 
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The trees growing through soil is 0007535, although it's not clear if that's a bug or not. The incorrect z-levels probably aren't directly related, but a save uploaded to http://dffd.wimbli.com/ [^] would be helpful.

Edit: The z-levels are most likely due to 0006504. Were the z-levels correct before the tower-caps started growing?

2014-07-21 21:39   
Sure sure. Here's the save: http://dffd.wimbli.com/download.php?id=9112&f=z-level-trees.tar.gz [^]

I honestly didn't notice that there was a z-level issue before the tower-caps showed up. The tower-cap and z-level shifts are off to the right of the save, near the carpentry workshop. Though, the z-level stuff is all over the area where the main fortress is sitting.
2014-07-22 06:14   
The tower-cap is so close to a hill that it's probably using the top of the hill to determine the relative z-level, which is normal (relative z-levels don't remain constant across the map). I did notice a few locations where the z-level was off by 3 or so (namely to the north-northwest of the tower-cap), so I'll chalk this part up to 0006504. If you or anyone else can reproduce this in a flat area, feel free to reopen this and/or PM me on the forums.