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0007595: Merchants petrified with fear by were-creatures
As the title states, this caravan had some of its cargo dropped on its way to my depot. The reason was that something (I couldn't identify what, exactly) scared some of their animals and dwarves (dark blue exclamation reaction), which caused them to drop their cargo.
Strangely enough, the items lost their original ownership and I could trade them freely with the caravan, as if they never were its owners.
Wait for a caravan to arrive, then have something that scares animals and dwarves (dark blue exclamation reaction) cross the caravan's path.
Save file some time after it happened. https://www.dropbox.com/s/i0mr0ts2qsb7stf/merchant-drop.zip [^]
horrified, merchants, scare, trade
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Several players seem to be observing werecreature corpses in particular easily horrifying merchants and scaring them away: See 0007741, 0007807:0028410, and 0007873.

2014-08-11 02:25   
Still happening in 0.40.07. In the most recent case it seemed to be a vulture trying to steal food from the caravan that scared both the caravan and the vulture off.
2014-08-15 12:03   
Still happening in 0.40.08 - 7 or so dwarf wagons, pass water with a dwarf body in it, about the 4th wagon I notice quantum stacks of goods left behind that everyone is grabbing (1 pile forbidden, 1 pile not). Last few merchant wagons sitting in the tunnels up to my trade depot with the rest on the trade depot. Cannot trade or interact with merchants.