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0007685Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Interface, Embarkpublic2014-07-28 07:482014-08-06 13:03
Toady One 
PC x64Windows 8x64 Ultimate
0007685: Neighbors view shows invalid data
On embark screen neighbor view often behaves weirdly e.g. shows neighbors where there should not be any (isolated island with, middle of the ocean), or the opposite - doesn't show where they should obviously be (no goblins right next to dark pits) or showing different lists for the same map cell. Was able to reproduce 3 out of 4 times with worlds of different size and age.

I do not know whether this affects gameplay.
Open the "Chose Fortress Location" screen on a new world, switch to neighbor view. move cursor around.
Larger worlds and longer history may give better result.
vanilla version with some init.txt tweaks
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2014-07-28 17:32   
Similar behaviour in 40.05 on Linux also.

Generated 3 different worlds, in 2 of the 3, dwarves, goblins, humans, elves are shown on embark in all locations (including oceans, islands, etc), no other neighbors shown anywhere.

In the third world, before I started navigating the map for a starting location, the 4 main races were shown, with no towers. I scrolled a little and 7 towers were added to the list. Now when I scroll back to the starting location, it still includes the towers.
2014-08-05 20:45   
(edited on: 2014-08-05 20:47)
I have had the same regarding Towers. I had a world with 10 Towers in the upper right of a Large world (1040 year) but it listed them even when in the bottom right. Checked legends for Tower number (which was 10) so basically all Towers were listed as neighbors at every site.

(This was for Windows)

2014-08-05 22:26   
This might be fixed for the next release.
2014-08-05 23:16   
Thanks, we'll review this at 40.07 release. Can most likely be marked as a duplicate now that the actual bug was found and fixed.