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0007710Dwarf FortressAdventure Mode -- Movementpublic2014-07-29 07:322015-11-22 04:16
Toady One 
0007710: Gait flags LAYERS_SLOW + STRENGTH + AGILITY do nothing
In an attempt to study the behavior of gaits, I started by analyzing the code responsible for parsing the GAIT tokens within creature raws. What I found is that while the LAYERS_SLOW, STRENGTH, and AGILITY flags are parsed, they don't actually do anything - if it finds that the flag matches, it simply throws away the result and proceeds to the next one; if I change the actual flags as stored in memory (between the energy_use and stealth_slows fields), then my speed changes as expected.

The overall result of this bug is that movement speed is unaffected by fat/muscle layers, strength, and agility.
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