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0007740: Hostile sites appear to be lost from contact, resulting in lack of fort invasions
I have not seen this reported anywhere, which is odd because this is quite severe.

Hostile entities like goblins and necromancers appear to be disappearing from interaction with player forts. You can tell, because they literally disappear from the list of neighbours of a retired fort after a few years.

This may be part of the reason, why sieges are often extremely scarce past the first very early one (see 0007417 for that). This happens even with liaison reports of hostiles conquering several dwarf fortresses nearby.
See the information in this thread http://www.bay12forums.com/smf/index.php?topic=141422.0 [^]
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duplicate of 0007739resolved Toady One Hostile sites appear to be lost from contact, resulting in lack of fort invasions 
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If you could see my first (private) report, apologies for the repost. The private was set by accident and there was no way to change the status.

This is current to 40.05, which I've forgotten to place in my post. Though this is a widespread report, I'll try to replicate this on my own fairly soon.

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I made the other one public. In the future, you can PM a manager on the forums.