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0007741: Caravan stays for only a day, possibly scared by cavern creatures far below
I had my dwarven caravan arrive on 15th Limestone. Right after the first one or two wagons reached the depot, they all turned around and left again. They were gone by 17th Limestone.
I reloaded my autumn autosave to see if the same thing would happen again. The second time, the entire caravan got into the depot and unloaded their goods without incident.
The main difference I noticed between the two runs was that the first time, right around when the caravan bailed, a forgotten beast was fighting a cave crocodile in the first cavern layer about 40 Z-levels down, almost directly below the trade depot, but with no line of sight or path to the depot. The second time, the beast wandered to a different part of the cavern to fight some naked mole dogs.
There were also some ongoing construction projects that I added onto during the first two weeks of Limestone the first time, but didn't do the second time because I was just killing time waiting to see if the caravan would do the same thing. Those were inside of the fortress with no path to the depot.
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duplicate of 0007185confirmed Footkerchief Horrified merchants immediately destroy their wagons, pack their goods and leave the depot 
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Upon further consideration, this may be a duplicate of (or related to) 0007185: Horrified merchants immediately destroy their wagons, pack their goods and leave the depot. The human caravan had previously fought a werecavy in the entrance to my depot, leaving one caravan guard and the werecavy dead. Some time later I noticed that my dwarves were emitting "cancels job: Horrified" when they walked past the skeletons and the big pool of blood. Maybe one of the merchants got freaked out by the skeletons and it spooked the whole caravan, and when I failed to reproduce this, I happened to get braver merchants?
I do have some wagon wood by my depot, but I'd thought maybe the werecavy had killed one before. It could just as well have come from my cowardly caravan.

2014-08-06 07:55   
We'll go with that.