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0007814: Trees will still punch holes if ceiling is high enough.
My dining room was built over the caverns, roughly three Z levels above the floor.
Recently a couple of trees burst through causing some damage and leaving holes when cut.
Built room over caverns, wait.
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This sounds like 0007535, which was fixed in 0.40.05. I'm guessing you're using 0.40.04. Please reopen this or PM me on the forums if the problem still happens in 0.40.05.

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This is in 40.5. My save is updated from ealier versions, but I havn't been having this trouble with low cielings. ( I did before I updated).
I have seasonal backups on my other computer, I'll dig through them to find the point at which they bust in when I get home later.

EDIT: here it is, some more info in the description.
http://dffd.wimbli.com/file.php?id=9275 [^]