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0007818: Hospital Zones don't respect supply maximums
In 40.05 the hospital zone does not respect the maximum material limits to be stored. I looked fixed at first! Then the damn dwarves started putting all of their stuff in the hospital again...

Save File: http://dffd.wimbli.com/file.php?id=9261 [^]
See save file. Shift-F8 will zoom you to the hospital zone.
In my experience it happens in every game. Although in 40.05 it didn't happen right away.
Tired to add to the existing issue, but it seems it is closed/un-add-able. First bug report - sorry if I screwed something up! Good Luck sorting this one out Toady!
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duplicate of 0004406resolved Toady One Hospital zone does not respect cloth maximums 
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2014-08-03 10:06   
Your save was generated in 40.04. I'm checking to see if that particular fix would be backwards compatible.
2014-08-03 10:14   
Reminder sent to: Stigmatic

Was any of that stuff or the hospital zone created before you updated to 40.05? After dumping what was in there, it seems the maximums are then respected.
2014-08-04 13:17   
When 40.05 was released I removed the hospital chest and then put in another one. The hospital zone itself was not recreated. I will do that and get back to you either way.
2014-08-12 10:41   
Further Testing: It seems that worlds generated in 40.04 won't respect the hospital limitations and that a new world gen is required to have this bug fixed.

While the 40.04 world continued to have the problem even after creating an entirely new hospital zone my 40.05 generated world is respecting the limit (hurray!). So it looks fixed, just not backward compatible, as Dwarfu suggested.

Case closed! Thanks!!
2014-08-12 11:19   
Thanks for the follow-up.
2014-08-12 11:19   
Thanks for the update!