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0007827: Large AI group sleeping forever in tents, refuse to wake up
Was travelling through a prairie region in search of adventure and came across an encampment. There were fires everywhere, people were in lots of identical buildings made out of pig tail fiber (presumably tents), with fires everywhere. The sleepers were in two groups, several tents with dwarves (about 10-15 dwarves per tent), and then several tents with goblins (20-30 goblins per tent). Tried to wake both groups trough talking, failed. Waited 24 hours, waking up every 2-4 hours to check. All people remained sleeping.
Brutally slaughtered the goblins as they slept, they still refused to wake up.
World initially generated in 0.40.04, for a Dwarf Fortress. Retired the Fortress after 3 years (adventurer had gone to fortress to get equipment). This region is experiencing some warfare between Dwarves and Goblins, with at least one hamlet having been conquered.
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duplicate of 0006798resolved Toady One Sleeping NPCs don't wake up 
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