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0007924: Dwarves bleeding to death due to minor wounds: severely aggravating
Had a military dwarf with a broken nose and a broken ear bleed to death over a long period of time. He reported to the hospital several times only to be ignored despite thoroughly tested and otherwise efficient health care system. Dwarf was listed as "incredibly quick to heal", but his minor wounds would not heal in time to save him, i.e. several years.
I have a save game available
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duplicate of 0007503new  Medical dwarves don't prioritize stanching blood flow 
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How were these wounds acquired? Could the dwarf have been affected by something else other than how he got those wounds (syndromes, FB exposure, etc.)?

See 0002921, 0002605.
2014-08-09 11:47   
Sounds like 0007503, but it might also be caused by the reports Dwarfu linked.
2014-08-09 15:04   
sounds exactly like 0007503, he was injured by a wooden training spear in a danger room. bled out over a couple months. Thanks for the quick response!