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0007945Dwarf FortressAdventure Mode -- Generalpublic2014-08-11 01:002014-08-11 05:50
0007945: Advmode NPC campers are lethargic
Every "encampment" i've encountered thus far was filled with entities that were permanently asleep.

They wouldn't wakeup anywhere during whole weeks of being watched (when available due to being static), nor would they wake up when attacked.

This affects things that i think were refugee camps, reclaim expeditions, and invading/occupying armies (dunno if they were really that, and i couldn't ask).

Some of those caravans will move on travel map even without awakening - the asterisk will travel, and the camp magically transports to another location without anyone waking up.
1) Note a refugee camp on travel map
2) Approach, press d
3) Lethargic caravan!
I couldn't figure out a proper category (advmode - sleep? advmode - travel? advmode - sites?), so general it is.
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duplicate of 0006798resolved Toady One Sleeping NPCs don't wake up 
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