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0008009Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Jobs, Healthcarepublic2014-08-14 14:292016-10-03 19:52
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0008009: Missing limb affected by syndrome (or not really missing)
Upper leg of a dwarf was ripped off, dwarf lost a shoe and a sock, then a foot of the same leg became infected by syndrome-causing dust.
1. Have a source of syndrome-causing dust.
2. Have a dwarf lose his/her leg (above foot) along with a shoe and a sock.
3. Make dwarf step into syndrome-causing dust.
4. Watch the dwarf suffer.
I started a fortress in an evil biome, which lasted for a few years before succumbing to tantrum spiral caused by cloud which induced leprosy (actually blistering and heavy swelling, which inevitably caused necrosis) and a few dwarves/werelizards.

Anyway I decided to try the place again. Unfortunately bodies weren't buried properly, so my expedition leader had an unpleasant encounter with a violent ghost, who ripped her LEFT UPPER LEG off. As far as my understanding of dwarven anatomy goes, it means that entire leg is gone. The dwarf's shoe and her sock fell to the ground. After recovery and acquirement of a crutch, the dwarf in question began hauling jobs. On her way she stepped into a pile of accursed soot with her LEFT FOOT, which got swollen due to contact with naked skin.

I can provide a savegame.
amputation, healthcare, injured foot, syndrome
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