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0008021Dwarf FortressVegetationpublic2014-08-15 01:092014-08-16 23:50
0008021: Trees grow explosively, destroying adjacent buildings.
In 40.06 I built a garden in the middle of a forest, by channeling a pit and then constructing a floor over it. Then a nearby sapling of doom suddenly turned into a tree, destroyed a floor tile near it, causing a stone collapse and break another floor below.

Now in another fortress, scared of saplings destroying my defense (and trees being used by critters to crawl into the fortress), I surrounded my tower with 5 tiles broad paved road. After all, thats what the paved road is for - to prevent tree growth, right? Well, wrong. Another muscle sapling popped near the road, causing the whole road sector to collapse.
Build something near a sapling and wait.
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related to 0007533resolved Toady One Phantom "Something has collapsed on the surface" reports, related to tree growth/chopping 
related to 0007814needs feedback Footkerchief Trees will still punch holes if ceiling is high enough. 
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Dame de la Licorne   
2014-08-15 01:21   
This may be related to 0007533, where tree growth seems to be causing most of the remaining "something has collapsed on the surface" announcements.
2014-08-15 01:56   
Yes, it is possible that trees are destroying other trees. Where are your elves now?
2014-08-15 07:02   
Is there any destruction occurring that's not explained by 0007533-style cave-ins? Is 0007814 involved?
2014-08-16 01:20   
I think it is the same thing as 0007533, though I have a different hypothesis on what's happening:
From what I experienced so far, not all saplings that grow into trees cause cave-ins.
Saplings that grow into trees near a floor tile will always (I have to test it deliberately, but I had no trees peacefully grow up near floors or roads) cause it to "cave-in".
I speculate it's not "something" invisible that falls down from 4-th dimension causing the floor to collapse, rather, it's the floor itself collapsing, because tree growth causes cave-in-like conditions.
A 0007533 is then a case when just-grown tree causes another tree branches to collapse. At least my "phantom cave-ins" do seem like that.

Ok, that's some ideas with nothing for certain, I'll try to make a test case when I have time (today or tomorrow).

0007814 is not involved, since I don't have a ceiling over the trees.
2014-08-16 23:50   
I have to report I was mistaken.

I chopped all the trees on a small forest site, covered it in a network of constructions and pavement and waited for trees to grow. So far I have a dozen of new trees, 7 of which near floors/ramps/pavement and no cave-ins at all.