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0008086: Eyeballs heal, so do zombies, healing in general.
I had a dwarf whose eye was "ripped to shreds". I unfortunately don't have a one eyed dwarf as their eye seems to have healed. I have heard the same about throats.
Zombies additionally scar over and heal rather than remaining damaged.
cut an eye, wait.
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duplicate of 0006854resolved Toady One Pulped body parts don't get severed arteries or functional impairment 
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Eye healing is intentional for now -- see 0001292:0027890 where Toady says they're not meant to be gouged out, and this post where he talks about eyes scarring over: http://www.bay12forums.com/smf/index.php?topic=141736.msg5539547#msg5539547 [^] If eye injuries aren't causing blindness, please PM a manager on the forums to reopen 0001297.

Whether zombies should heal is in Suggestions territory.

See also 0001534.

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The eye went from it's pulped state to fine. Not blue, or scarred or showing residual damage in any way.
I did some more testing in the arena, torn and otherwise damaged eyes scar normally, but pulped eyes heal fully.

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That's covered by 0006854.