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0008288: Militia cannot reach goblin right next to them

I have a case of militia that cannot attack or find path to a goblin that is right next to them. There is an invasion going on and I have tried with a slightly earlier save a few times with the same results. The only strange thing I can think about with these unreachable invaders is that they jumped/fell from a tree that is growing outside the walls. Animals can sometimes get to them, but that is also quite random.

Uncertain. Presumed:

Have a completely walled-up fortress on a forested area and bring up an invasion. Invaders that get inside by falling from a tree cannot be attacked.
http://dffd.wimbli.com/file.php?id=9688 [^]
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duplicate of 0008367resolved Toady One Soldiers not attack nearby enemy when using kill or station order. 
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