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0008299Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Interface, Taskspublic2014-09-14 17:432014-09-14 18:19
Windows 7 64bit
0008299: Manager screen allows selection of secret HFS metals
I am assuming that this is a bug but I cannot find any previous reports.

I am able to request items be made from "special" metals (shining for example). I first noticed this with the "assemble ballista head job" but it appears to be for all jobs which use a metal as a raw material.

Tested on a vanilla 0.40.12 install
1) build a forge (or siege workshop)
2) order production either directly or through manager
I can provide a save if necessary but this seems pretty simple to reproduce
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The problem here is that the game has always* listed all metals capable of being used for each purpose, whether or not you knew about them at the time. Unconditionally hiding divine metals wouldn't be appropriate, because if you somehow managed to get some of those items on-site (e.g. brought by an Adventurer), you wouldn't be able to use them at all.

* the only exception was Adamantine back in the 2D versions, since all of the metals were hardcoded back then, and there was a civ-level flag indicating whether or not you had found it