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0008309Dwarf FortressAdventure Mode -- Character Creationpublic2014-09-17 10:292014-09-20 13:03
0008309: Knife User skill only available to outsider adventurers, goblins, and kobolds
While every adventurer starts with the ubiquitous large dagger, only outsiders are allowed to start with the skill used for it. If modded to be playable, goblins and kobolds can access this skill as well.
The is because the item is normally only used by the goblin and kobold entities (via the [WEAPON:ITEM_WEAPON_DAGGER_LARGE] token), whereas adventurer mode is hard-coded to hand a weapon using the knife-user skill to all adventurers.

This "give adventurers a dagger" effect ignores the knives defined under items_tools.txt. If additional weapons (again, not tools) using this skill have been modded in, it will select one at random.
adventurer mode, character creation, Knife User, large dagger, skills
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Seems like the logical workaround is to give dwarves, humans, and elves access to large daggers normally. Only problem is that in Fortress Mode, Knife User isn't counted as a valid skill to promote a dwarf out of recruit status. Can't recall if recruits with Knife User still get complain about the draft, but I'm going to guess that they will.

Then again, this wouldn't be a major issue, as how many players are going to decide that a stab-happy dwarven militia would be an ideal Stupid Dwarf Trick?