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0008320Dwarf FortressReactionspublic2014-09-18 19:202014-09-19 00:03
Knight Otu 
0008320: Custom reactions that produce gloves/gauntlets/etc create unwearable items
The long-standing gauntlet bug, which I'm surprised hasn't been reported (I'm gonna feel dumb if it has and I simply wasn't looking hard enough) yet.

Custom reactions do not offer left/right handedness when producing gauntlets or other items defined as glove-like.

Instead they produce generic "ambidextrous" versions that can't be equipped. Whether the output is defined as two separate products in the reaction, or one product with a quantity of 2, the end result is the same.
1. Mod in a custom reaction that outputs gauntlets, in reaction_other.txt. The easiest way to test this is by copying the "make sharp rock" reaction and simply change the product from 1 sharpened small rock to 2 gauntlets.
2. Test the modded-in reaction. In this example, entering Arena Mode will suffice.
3. Marvel at the craftsmanship (of crartsdawrfship, or craftcolossusship...) of your utterly useless stone gauntlets.
I've got good news and bad news. The good news is this can be fixed. The bad news is this fix breaks other things.

By messing with body_default.txt, the [LEFT] and [RIGHT] tokens can be yanked out of the hands. In this case, the only relevant body that needs to be tweaked is HUMANOID_NECK.

This will cause all adventurers, migrants, and NPCs to generate "ambidextrous" gloves/gauntlets for their outfits, and affect any such items that appear elsewhere (caravans, armories, shops, etc). Likewise, the broken gauntlets produced by reactions will suddenly be usable.

So what breaks? Hard-coded reactions in fortress mode (craftsdwarf's workshop, clothier's workshop, leatherworker's workshop, metalsmith's forge) will still produce left/right versions of gauntlets, gloves, etc. These will no longer we wearable by your new citizens with their modded "left" and "right" hands.
gauntlets, modding, reactions
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Thanks, Quietust!