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0008331Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Combatpublic2014-09-21 19:182014-09-23 12:12
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PCWindows 7Ult x64
0008331: Squad rushes to invader, stands around, then turns on dwarves and pets when kill order canceled
Minotaur attacks, So instant alert to get in side!

Squad told to run out to meet, one dwarf got taken out before he could run to safety. Squad told to kill the invader and... just stands around the minotaur. Due to high skill the minotaur keeps wearing himself out. When told to stop trying to kill, some squad members go a bit nuts and attack others. Once other dwarves, then war dogs.

No one is running a tantrum, they just suddenly start attacking friends and ignore the minotaur, yet continue to crowd him.

http://dffd.wimbli.com/file.php?id=9763 [^]
Melee Squad is at near max experience, highly trained. But others reasonably trained.

I never saw any notice of a tantrum or insanity.

Many other stockpile issues witnessed, dwarves ignoring crossbow bolts they need, stockpiles of ammo ignoring give orders to other stockpiles.

Something seems to be making some of them sick though, there are large areas of vomit outside to the refuse piles.

No mods, using Dwarf Therapist v26
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duplicate of 0008250resolved Toady One Military dwarves won't attack goblins 99% of the time, and when they do they cause a loyalty cascade. 
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Sounds similar to 0008250.

As for the vomit, that's the cave adaption actually having an effect now.
2014-09-21 23:12   
Ahh, was wondering why half my map was covered in vomit.

No seriously. they trail vomit. even through the entire fort multiple levels down.