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0008336Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Militarypublic2014-09-22 21:262014-10-25 07:49
Knight Otu 
PCWindows 764-Bit latest
0008336: Military dwarves frozen in place after carrying out a kill order.
I send dwarves out to kill something, using the s-k-l-Shift+ anything i want to kill, and the dwarves kill it just fine. But any member of the military that has hit the (now dead) creature just stops moving, in the general information v-g it shows that they are going to attack the next creature on the list, but only their comrades who have not shown up to the original fight (and therefore haven't attacked anything yet) actually do this.
send a military squad out with a kill order, watch as the combatants finish the fight... and stand next to the dead body until they die, or I save and reload.

And canceling the order does nothing, disbanding the squad does nothing, setting the squad to off duty does nothing, and waving fresh barrels of dwarven rum under their noses solicits no reaction (most undwarvenly).
All dwarves assigned to a master burrow, except military personnel.

Running the latest version of LNP, and have dwarf therapist and dfhack on in the background, but I already tested disabling both of these, and the problem persists.

Dwarves also tend to stay in training until they starve, maybe related, but I have minimum training set to 7 for a squad of 10.

Saving and continuing make the dwarves move again, usually.
0.40.13, 64-bit OS, Military
related to 0008250resolved Toady One Military dwarves won't attack goblins 99% of the time, and when they do they cause a loyalty cascade. 
has duplicate 0008423resolved Knight Otu Squad frozen after kill order 
has duplicate 0008465resolved Knight Otu Military gets stuck after carrying out kill order 
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