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0008363: Spam flood of Cancel Give Water - No Empty Bucket
I have a patient with a broken hand in my hospital. Through the use of the Burrow feature I have managed to get the two reluctant dwarfs who share the Healthcare skills to actually get there rather than prefering to idle in No Job, and they've treated the patient up until it's time to plaster the wound, but I let them off the hook and they have decided to haul stone without having any hauling duty, etc.
I then decided to call them back in using the Burrow, at which time the stone hauler decided to spam messages of not being able to drop item off due to unreachable target, so I let him off the hook and waited a short while before I called him in again. I've now got both of them at the hospital, and one of them has decided it's a good time to go to sleep on the floor (despite two free hospital beds being available. The reason I decided not to wait any longer before calling them back was that I started getting spam messages of Cancel Give Water - No Empty Bucket from an increasing number of dwarves who spam this message every few seconds and refuse to work (although I haven't turned off Give Water on them). I don't know who they intend to give the water to, since I cannot find anyone who seems to be thirsty, including the patient. The inventory screen shows 11 buckets in white and something like 4 in red. Should be plenty, one would think.
I saved the game (and have a copy), exited, and restarted. The spam messages appeared immediately, but I also saw one from the Lyemaker who claimed buckets were missing. I then disabled Lyemaking, the spams disappeared, and one of my medical personnel started to Apply Cast (and the other one has No Job, not sleeping).
Now it's getting weird! I saved and quit the game again, replaced the save with a copy of the buggered one, and did nothing but observe. There were a few initial bucket spams, but they stopped after a short while. The Lyemaking job had terminated automatically, and my medical dwarves were doing nothing. I waited a while, but nothing seemed to happen. I tried to enable Hauling on the one who is supposed to apply the cast, and he decided to store some equipment in the hospital. I then looked closer at the screen, and yes, the patient was gone! Looking further, I found that he'd given up on getting treatment and went back to mining with his broken hand (still red).

I suspect there was some kind of fight over the last remaining free bucket (I'm guessing all the others were somehow in use, although I don't know how to find out, but I know barrels are incorrectly accounted for: the 4 marked in red probably are the ones used up in buildings), with the Lyemaker fighting the Water Givers, and probably the Medic as well.
I'll keep the save that's given two different results when resumed if you want to look at it.
I'm using the DF Starter Pack with Dwarf Therapist, DF Hack set to Pure Bugfixes, and the Phoebus tile set. I've also used the utility that enables 4 GB memory use on the .exe, although my current embark zone size of 6*6 doesn't need it (using a bit over 1 GB a.t.m.).

I've seen a very similar behavior when my wounded dwarf (and baby) died of dehydration: Constant spamming about cancelling of drink giving at a high rate from a lot of different dwarves who'd rather retry giving drinks than doing any work. At that time my only water sources were frozen solid, so there was nothing I could do).
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duplicate of 0007690assigned Footkerchief Dwarfs with "Give Water" job won't use buckets stored in hospital 
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Could be a side effect of 0004230
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Please upload a save that reproduces the problem to http://dffd.wimbli.com/ [^] and post the link at 0007690.