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0008407Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Interface, Generalpublic2014-10-06 03:522014-10-27 11:53
Toady One 
0008407: Mini-map cursor is only positioned correctly when dwarf fortress is at default (small) size
The yellow X cursor in the mini-map does not follow the position of the screen pane viewing the main map correctly.
* Start dwarf fortress.
* Mark out the corners underground (e.g. with 'dig').
* Position the cursor / screen in the main view window at each of the corners and take screenshots.

http://imagr.eu/up/54327188f3d9e_yellowcursor.png [^]

Fig 1. Wrong position.

http://imagr.eu/up/5432745e83a57_yellowcursor2.png [^]

Fig 2. Right position (with tiny dwarf fortress window)
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related to 0007128resolved Toady One yellow x disappears on world map when on easternmost square of region map 
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