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0008470Dwarf FortressTypos/Grammarpublic2014-10-25 18:472014-10-27 10:11
Toady One 
0008470: Typos and grammar problems in the executable
These words are misspelled in the executable. The first column is the misspelling and the second is the correction.

These strings have improper grammar in the executable:
I don't have enough armor stand.
There aren't enough chair.
I forming a grudge against somebody.
State feelings of great disillusioned
State feelings of great restless
State feelings of disillusioned
State feelings of restless
State minor feeling of disillusioned
State minor feeling of restless
Acknowledge lack of disillusioned
Acknowledge lack of restless
after being was unable to find somebody in charge to yell at
after being was unable to find somebody in charge to cry on
 is climbed out of depression.

"self pity" should be "self-pity".

"W.. worried? Do I look worried?" is the only string which uses two dots for the ellipsis. All other ellipses have three dots.
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2014-10-25 19:14   
I think "armor stand" and "chair" may be intentional (i.e. pluralized when needed). Have you seen them appear incorrectly in-game?
2014-10-25 21:32   
I have not seen them appear incorrectly in the game.

Other strings are pluralized: "I don't have enough weapon racks." and "There aren't enough dining tables.".
kicking jay   
2014-10-26 11:09   
Trading with the elven caravan without any goods:

"These _are_ fine items, aren't they? Now, what do offer for them?"