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0008534Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Jobs, Haulingpublic2014-11-09 11:092014-11-09 14:22
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0008534: Hauling bins to collect multiple items outside means dwarves only pick up one item each trip
If an outpost was abandoned and the items strewn around, the dwarves often carry an entire bin of items, usually clothes, to pick the item up. Problem is they often make one trip for each item, negating the reason for even lugging around the bin.
Abandoned fort with many MANY clothing and other objects strewn around the outside.

Reclaimed and starting to claim items, but items are all given individual hauling jobs.

Dwarves often carry the bin with them, increasing travel time and only picking up one item at a time.
It would be nice to have hauling do some cost calculations to group jobs that would be low cost to group together (making one trip for multiple items instead of each item). And figure if the weight being asked to pick up would slow them down too much, use a wheelbarrow or just keep the hauling jobs separate.
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duplicate of 0005964resolved Toady One Haulers carry (heavy) full bin to pickup single item (lighter) 
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Tried it with both items in the same square and apart by a few blocks (of the same type). Still one dwarf per item, one trip each.
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Duplicate of 0005964

Toady One only has the multi-hauling for fruit gathering atm, but that'll get expanded sooner or later (hopefully sooner).