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0008550Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Interface, Unit Profilespublic2014-11-14 10:362014-11-15 12:44
Toady One 
64-bitLinux Mint17
0008550: Dwarf name appears untranslated twice in title of Thoughts and Preferences screen
In the thoughts and preferences screen, the name will appear untranslated twice; it will say something like "Zas Lolordesh, "Zas Lolordesh", Minter". It looks fine everywhere else, just not on this screen.

Probably related to 0006250
u-v-[enter], look at the top of the screen
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related to 0006250resolved Toady One Dwarf name appears twice, both untranslated, in creature status ([v]-[z] or [u]-[v]) 
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2014-11-15 08:37   
That sounds exactly like 0006250. Can you provide a screenshot?
2014-11-15 11:27   
Here is the screenshot: http://www.fastquake.com/images/screen-dfuntranslated-20141115-142321.png [^]

Note that 0006250 said that it was translated correctly when viewing a dwarf's Thoughts and Preferences, and incorrectly when viewing the creature's owned objects and holdings. Now the reverse is true.
2014-11-15 11:42   
Ah, I didn't realize you meant the title. Confirmed.