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Windows 7
0008589: Chopping a tree doesn't update cavern knowledge
This is a reeeely minor thing, but if you dig into a cavern and happen to hit a space entirely filled by tree trunk, you get the notice that you have found a cavern... and see only that tiny little space, nothing else. You can then chop down the tree (the game still allows trees to be chopped down from the top) and the space clears ... but you don't see anything else in the cavern then, not even the space directly below the chopper. Digging even a single square next to the space makes it all become visible (in this case I even got the "praise the miners" bit).

But it seems a bit worrisome because if you had a dorf standing immediately next to and one level up from some creature that is not displayed, I'm suspicious some kind of crash might manage to come out of it.
This is a tough one. You have to NOT know what is in the cavern, dig blindly into a completely rock enclosed space completely filled by tree trunk.... you'd have to use some hack to view the layout.
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