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highmajorhave not tried
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0008628: Most of military won't attack berserk dwarves, attacked dwarves won't defend themselves
A single berserk dwarf managed to kill 7 of my dwarves, 3 legendary, and about 8 or 9 animals.

Simply because my military would not attack the berserk dwarf. I ordered them to kill, we'll call him, Urist McBerserk. He remained untouched while the military stood around, until one Sworddwarf decided to kill him. Nobody defended themselves, no animals defended themselves. Everybody had vengeful thoughts but very rarely did the dwarves even bother to counterattack.
1. Let one of your citizens because berserk (for me, it was failing to make an artifact)
2. Order military to attack. Watch as they move near to McBerserk's locatio, but not do anything about it.
What got the Sworddwarf to finally do something was setting the Alert on the military screen to make the dwarves go to a burrow somewhere else, set the squad to active, and then set that alert to be the active alert. Only the one Sworddwarf actually did something about it, though.
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duplicate of 0008250resolved Toady One Military dwarves won't attack goblins 99% of the time, and when they do they cause a loyalty cascade. 
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It's more than just that it seems, because they're not even trying to attack hostiles now. 2 goblin bowmen in my fortress and they're just standing around in an infinite loop of dodging attacks.

Edit: Literally the only people attacking the hostiles are the war animals.

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I also now realize this is the same as http://www.bay12games.com/dwarves/mantisbt/view.php?id=5393 [^]
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If you have a save, please post it at 0008250.