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Toady One 
0000869: Game crashes on accessing squad menu with individual dwarf order assigned
The game seems to always crashes when trying to access the squad screen (s) after I've assigned an order to an individual dwarf that is not in squad 1. In the case of squad 2 the game freezes and in the case of squad 3 upwards (tested with 3&4 with two different saves) the game just gets an error and outright crashes.
Reproduction, atleast in my case, is really easy. Just assign random people to squad 1 and any other squad(s). Then give an individual order to a single dwarf that is not in squad 1. I've tried this on two different saves and been able to reproduce it in both cases identically. You can assign multiple individual orders to squad 1 members and squad wide orders to any squads and the game works fine. But as soon as you assign an individual order to a dwarf from any other squad and try to access squad menu again (game works fine until that) it either freezes(in the case of squad 2) or crashes (in the case of 3&4 that I've reproduced).
I've reproduced this bug in both 31.01 (at the time unknowingly) and in 31.02(the build with which I've done all the testing).
Squad menu
has duplicate 0002645resolved Footkerchief Individual assignment station using "s" key results in crash when pushing "s" key after assignment 
child of 0000706resolved Toady One Trying to access the squad screen mid-combat caused a complete game hang 
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2010-04-09 04:45   
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Yeah, I can confirm this. Happened to me too.

Related to: 0000706

2010-04-11 08:36   
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I have had a similar experience.

I have two squads. I assigned one dwarf to kill some Elk Birds, and shortly afterwards it crashes. Detailed instuctions accompany the DFFD file:

"Crashes when a single dwarf is given a kill order.

Select squad 'b', and dwarf Ingiz Idennosing, and give a kill order on the Elk Birds in the first cavern layer (can be found through the announcement list, or down a few levels from the F2 hot key zoom location.

I can confirm that it doesnt crash when the squad is given a similar kill order."

File on DFFD here:

http://dffd.wimbli.com/file.php?id=2060 [^]

Edit: No mods, but I did copy the save from 31.01 to 31.02s, including the raws to the save game folder.

2010-05-04 22:28   
Had this happen several times here, reproduces each time i assign individual station order, leave screen, and try to open it again.
However, if i save the game after station order, load it, and access the squad menu, it works fine.
2010-05-30 13:13   
Can confirm that this happens to me to. 0.31.3 here.
2010-06-01 17:27   
I can confirm it at .04

I see pretty consistent crashing when I give an individual member of a squad an order, ESC fully out of the menu, go back into it, and try to assign a different order. But it does seem to become safe as long as I properly back out of the individual orders menu and switch it back to Squad.
Toady One   
2010-07-13 05:37   
This one has been fixed for 0.31.11. Until then, when you give individual orders to squads, it'll be safest if you unselect any individuals before leaving the squad menu. The crash can come when it tries to make your old selection persist and a loop is indexed wrong.