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0008871Dwarf FortressAdventure Mode -- Sitespublic2015-03-25 15:142017-11-22 15:27
Uzu Bash 
0008871: sleeping in ruins rearranges/removes construction
On sleeping in any ruins, some stairways will be replaced with floors, some rooms will be filled in with rock, cutting off access to site residents and features. Leaving and returning to the site won't cause this, but it also won't revoke it once it occurs.
Enter a town and explore exhaustively (or just skim the map revealed by dfhack.) Sleep any length of time. Examine the map layout again and you'll see the changes described above.
I've seen this reversed in a human town after a site government was re-established. I haven't been able to restore dwarf or elvish sites' governments, and have not yet visited any goblin ruins.
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duplicate of 0006955confirmed Footkerchief Abandoned fortresses reconfigure when slept in / strange lighting 
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