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0008961: Off-duty military dwarves store food in bedrooms, get more, repeat
In my save of Noob Fortress, there are a few dwarves who store as much food as they can in their bedroom. To be precise, first they "Pickup Equipment," then they "Store Owned Item," repeat. They occasionally eat this food. 'Amperzand', a dwarfed dwarf, stores only plump helmets and prickle berries, and Aban, another dwarf, stores only cooked meals. I, unfortunately, ran cleanowned before I could check 'Amperzand''s berries, but I know that Aban's food is shown as owned by him. I started this new bug report because I could not find any open ones. I believe that both Amperzand and Aban are militia-dwarves who are NOT ON DUTY.

Also, this is 40.24. Before that guy who always says to upload it tells me to do so (:)), you can find it here: http://dffd.bay12games.com/file.php?id=10763 [^]
Militia-dwarves, food, bedrooms. Done. As far as I know.
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It seems like it's connected to the militia ration system. They're dutifully stocking up on the two meals they're supposed to carry, but they are out of uniform and lacking backpacks, so they do the next best thing and carry it to their personal quarters. The mayor uses his chests to store them, but the others just leave them lying around on the floor. I simply forbade the squad from carrying food and the whole rigamarole stopped dead in its tracks. Maybe the resupply job is taking priority over finding their uniforms?

Their order schedules say that they're supposed to be in uniform at all times, but why are they constantly storing away and retrieving their armor and weapons between individual drills?
2015-05-17 12:09   
Sounds like a duplicate of 0007665, "Dwarfs don't remove rotten meals" where those meals are also stored in their bedrooms.
2015-05-17 17:58   
This is probably a uniform conflict with mining, woodcutting, or hunting labors. Try disabling those three labors on your military dwarves and see if they collect their backpacks and stop storing meals in their rooms.
2015-08-20 09:36   
I had the same problem last autumn (0.40.13/19?) where I assigned my whole fortress population, except uniform conflicting ones and the proper militia, to "militia" units with replace uniforms (to get them to wear armor) and wear it at all times, but never assigned any schedule or training facilities to them. I cannot swear on it, but I think they all had both backpacks and flasks.
My problem wasn't as severe, however, in that they stored a lot of food (to eventually rot) in their rooms, but they didn't do that non stop. They mostly worked as the were intended to do. Also, all dwarves did not store food, only some of them did.

Unless the jobs overhaul affected this, I think that makes the uniform conflict theory less likely.
2015-08-26 15:18   
The problem is definitely related to the way military rations are implemented. If you inspect a military dwarf's backpack, you'll find that the food items are explicitly owned by the dwarf. However, the backpack itself is community property.

When a dwarf goes off duty, he'll return the backpack to the general stockpile. The dwarf will then store the food in the backpack in his bedroom, because it's "owned property". You see the same behavior with the way dwarves handle discarded clothing. However, food will rot in the bedroom because the food isn't in a proper stockpile.

The workaround is to configure your part time military dwarves to not carry any food (menu: m-u). Only full time military dwarves should be allowed to carry rations.
2019-08-13 13:44   
confirmed to be caused by uniform conflicts in v0.44.12:

http://dffd.bay12games.com/file.php?id=14510 [^]

Enabling Mining, Woodcutting, or Hunting on any dwarf causes that dwarf to abandon rations when going off duty.

@PatrikLundell: Both of the problematic dwarves in the provided save have the Mining labor enabled. If you can isolate some other cause (excluding 'Hammerer', which also has a uniform conflict) then please log a separate report.