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0009068Dwarf FortressAdventure Mode -- Crimepublic2015-09-08 18:342016-04-08 08:58
peasant cretin 
0009068: $Item$ ownership exploit/workaround
A way to unmark $items$ from being owned by a merchant to being completely unowned items just using a drop and wait.
Go to a market.
Pick up $item$.
Drop $item$, say one tile away.
Sleep or wait 1 hour in an empty room.
Return to where you dropped this $item$, now (g)et or (l)ook.
$Item$ will have become unowned Item.
Pick up. Now you can leave with your good(s) if so desired.
Tried it on both my modded 40.24 and a newly downloaded vanilla 40.24.
adventurer mode, item tracking, owned item, sites
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This bug is explored in significant detail in this thread: http://www.bay12forums.com/smf/index.php?topic=157383.0 [^]

Aside from the issue of lost ownership, GoblinCookie claims to have also found how items can "move" inside walls (actually, remain stationary even as buildings move around them) due to cities "shifting", possibly due to either population changes causing house abandonment/construction or due to an underlying problem of improper map regeneration.