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0009141Dwarf FortressAdventure Mode -- Generalpublic2015-12-01 20:082016-10-24 12:07
Knight Otu 
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PC I7 930, 6GB RAMWindows 10 64 bitbuild 10240
0009141: You can play as a horse in adventure mode
I was playing as a dwarf adventurer and there were a lot of horses in the region.

For some reason Horse came up in the list of playable races - not intelligent animals, but in the main list, before Human...
Maybe if you play as a dwarf in the dwarven civ for a while and encounter horses?


Everything standard, apart from selecting Pocket world size.

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Knight Otu   
2015-12-02 08:14   
Reminder sent to: HailTheAbyss

Please upload the save that is horsing around to the DFFD ( http://dffd.bay12games.com/index.php [^] ) and post a link to it here.
2015-12-02 08:33   
Here is the save file: http://dffd.bay12games.com/file.php?id=11324 [^]

When I retired the Horse, it did not come up as a playable race again, so I restored the character.
2015-12-02 12:00   
In my world, you can't play as a horse, but I started in a dwarven fortress and there are horses all over the place, lagging the game up. It seems related somehow.

Here's the save: http://dffd.bay12games.com/file.php?id=11335 [^]
2015-12-02 14:08   
Not sure if it related to this issue, but i looked at my world's populations trough legend viewer and it had about 15000 dwarfs and 300000 horses.
2015-12-02 17:50   
Each human settlement on my world is reported to have exactly 600 horses. There's definitely something going on here.
2015-12-06 08:53   
http://www.bay12games.com/dwarves/ [^] : 2015-12-05, Toady One: "There are still some strange things going on (horses all over..."
Toady One   
2015-12-08 12:09   
I fixed the animal population caps, and I've fixed a major cause of horses being playable (armies were dumping their mounts into the civilian pool when they returned), but that wouldn't explain the playable dogs and donkeys I've seen. Still not sure what's up with that.
2015-12-13 16:26   
(edited on: 2015-12-13 16:27)
Probably related to this: Townspeople occasionally talk to horses as though they were intelligent. (42.03)

2015-12-13 16:36   
Is that some separate bugreport, Talvieno? If yes, which number? If no, as that seems just related and not full duplicate, please create a new report. I tried searching for it but haven't found it.
2016-10-19 11:16   
but the horses are damn deadly! play em!
2016-10-24 12:07   
I haven't seen this bug in the .43 cycle, is this still around?