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0000926Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Invasionspublic2010-04-10 06:002012-03-21 22:03
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0000926: Amphibian invader mounts drown their riders
(former title: Invading goblins try the secret underwater passage and discover they're not amphibian the hard way)

My fortress has a water moat with external ramps on the outside of the moat, and some internal ramps elsewhere giving water access to the interior of my fort.

A goblin siege arrived, with many goblins mounted on Giant Toads. I closed my drawbridges.

One of the toads decided to go for a swim in the moat - presumably because he could path through the moat to my dwarves. He is not charging in, just loitering in the moat.

The toad is having a nice relaxing swim.
The goblin mounted on his back, however, is drowning.
(And, in fact, has just drowned and fallen off the toad!)
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has duplicate 0001425closed Footkerchief Olm mounts drown goblin riders 
has duplicate 0006161resolved Knight Otu Amphibious Siege Mounts Stick Underwater 
related to 0003015new  Invader/sieger mounts flee combat, preventing their riders from fighting (worse with [FLIER] tag) 
related to 0005688new  Amphibious trader leading a non-amphibious pack animal will path underwater to trade depot, drowning the mount 
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Jiri Petru   
2010-04-10 06:26   
This is one of those bugs I love Dwarf Fortress for :)
2010-04-10 06:58   
That is simply hilarious...

I'm not sure it's a bug though. You could just say those giant toads aren't really well trained and Goblins aren't very good swimmers. It kinda makes sense to me.
2010-04-10 17:43   
A save showing the problem is at http://s3test.randomly.org/df/926/region6-aut-54_goblin-swimming-pool.zip [^]

Load and unpause. In a few seconds, the main drawbridge will open, your FPS will plummet as invader pathfinding goes nuts, and then all the goblins on toads by the northeast corner of the moat will jump in the moat and start drowning.

It seems like the toads are happy to path through water - that group seems to be doing the siege "hang around and be a nuisance" behavior, and just happen to be doing it near the moat - but they're not taking their riders into account at all.
2010-04-12 15:26   
verified. That's priceless, I love it.
2010-04-12 15:51   
Can we keep this?
2010-04-12 17:33   
Also verified. Wells and Moats are a surefire defense against toad riders. Not so much the toads, though, I suspect.

The rest of the squad seems content to now stand around the well, too, despite a "clear" (heavily trapped) path into my fortress... should that be happening?
2010-04-22 08:18   
I had it in my last fortress.
The goblins spawned directly in front of my moat with the goblin commander riding a cave crocodile.
The crocodile immediately entered the inviting water and drowned its rider after a short while of swimming around in the moat.
2010-04-22 08:59   
This is lulz. But, yeah, the pathfinding should consider both the mount and ride's ability to breath. Still hilarious though.
2010-04-25 16:35   
(edited on: 2010-04-25 16:38)
I now have made more experience with the drowning cave crocodile rider bug.

A whole goblin invasion, around 30 goblins in 3 squads as well as 8 Trolls.
All goblins riding on cave crocodiles.

I expected to see all goblin riders drowning in my moat, but I was mistaken.
Only the cave crocodiles of the 3 squad leaders entered the moats and drowned their riders.
Dunno, it seems that either squad leaders in the goblin world are as poipular as dwarven mayors that make impossible demands, which is why they are given rigged crocodiles to kill them
or it is like often in real life economy, i.e. those at the top are the least intelligent, meaning that only the squad leaders are crazy enough to steer their crocodiles into the moat, whereas their soldiers are too intelligent to make the same mistake.

2010-06-14 09:59   
Also verified, and it's annoying me alot. Every siege has the gobbos riding cave crocodiles and the sieges are broken every time thanks to them always jumping in the river. Please fix it soon.
2010-10-20 17:54   
This busted a siege for me as the two goblin squad leaders both drowned in tiny ponds crossing the marsh to reach my fortress. Two full squads of goblins then hung out in the marshland until I was able to sacrifice some peasants to lure them inside. I didn't have the military power to go out and crush them because one squad was lashers, which can instagib dwarves through masterworked steel armour with their copper scourges. :psyduck:
2011-05-03 14:17   
The giant toad loitering in the moat instead of charging into the fortress is likely 0003700.
Khym Chanur   
2012-03-21 19:33   
Interestingly, this same bug applies the other way around: an amphibious trader riding a non-amphibious mount will path underwater to get to the trade depot, killing the mount: http://www.bay12forums.com/smf/index.php?topic=63417.msg1468025#msg1468025 [^]
2012-03-21 21:16   
Khym Chanur: that's actually a different case. Merchants don't ride their pack animals - they drag them, so the pack animal pathing is completely irrelevant in that case.
2012-03-21 22:03   
@Khym Chanur, Quietust - reported as 0005688