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0009270Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Jobs, Eating/Drinkingpublic2015-12-07 19:192015-12-08 18:48
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0009270: Tavern Keepers Serve Drinks to Animals potentially causing inebriation and death
Tavern Keepers do not distinguish between animals and sentients, causing them to serve alcohol to animals. Animals will become inebriated and covered in alcohol on their inventory screens. This may also lead to death via alcohol poisoning in the case of smaller animals, especially cats.
Create a Standard Tavern that accepts citizens of the fort.

Leave some animals free roaming and assign a tavern keeper

After each time the Tavern Keeper serves alcohol, check for animals in the tavern and view their inventory screen to check for any alcohol covering/scattering or vomit covering. Smaller animals will also experience symptoms associated with inebriation, such as dizziness.
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duplicate of 0009195resolved Toady One Cats dying for no reason - alcohol poisoning? 
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Source of issue under review. Issue may not be caused by tavern keepers serving alcohol but rather due to a self-cleaning interaction with cats on taverns floors with pools of alcohol, causing them to ingest alcohol and getting inebriated. This would explain why no other animals were observed with the same syndrome.

Red Pandas also have the same interaction so testing with them could lead to reproducible bug.
2015-12-07 20:22   
Linking to 0009195, which this is likely a duplicate of.
2015-12-08 18:48   
We will mark it as a duplicate for now. If you find that isn't the case in subsequent versions, PM a manager on the forums to reopen this issue in regards to serving drinks.