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0009369Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Jobs, Healthcarepublic2015-12-16 14:292016-12-20 11:38
0009369: Missing Limb Problem
My dwarves fought a forgotten beast in the caverns, 2 died and one lost her right hand. The forgotten beast had a venom, and injected it into said hand. Although the hand was removed, it still says on her health screen that her right hand is "completely swollen with Kogan Oilybulwarks blood" (that being her name). It's basically keeping her bedridden it seems like.
Lose a limb after it gets poisoned.
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Just realized, not only is it swollen it's also fractured. I'm now assuming that even if it wasn't poisoned, this would've occurred. Dwarves keep trying to splint the right hand but are unable to, so it'll remain like that.

And my final revision: I destroyed the hand, and it still acted as if it was wounded on the dwarf.