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0009416Dwarf FortressAdventure Mode -- Reactionspublic2015-12-22 23:282016-05-11 00:57
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0009416: Child prisoners in Dark Fortresses immediately become hostile, making rescue missions impossible.
It doesn't matter if I kill goblins on my way to the prisonners, as soon as they see me they become "No Quarter". When asked to cease fighting, they'll acquiesce but keep fighting. When asked to yield they'll always say "You first, coward!". If you greet a prisonner while he hasn't seen you yet, he'll say "Please, help me!" which will let you offer to save him and add him to your companion list, however he will leave your companions and become hostile again immediately after.

On top of all that, your companions will attack prisoners on sight due to their No Quarter status, even when they aren't actually attacking. It's pretty heartbreaking to see a mother who joined me on my fortress raid kill her own defenseless child.
0.42.03, Dark Fortress, kidnapping, prisoner, prisoners
has duplicate 0009682resolved Toady One Prisoners are hostile to the Adventurer. 
related to 0007722new  Some prisoners are hostile 
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Can confirm this, but I'm pretty sure this is a duplicate.
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2015-12-23 01:02   
I looked for another similar report but didn't find it.
2015-12-23 04:43   
0008361, "3 year old recruited into AI army (also child rescue bug)" mentions "No quarter" prisoner, if I am reading it right.
2015-12-23 09:25   
0007722 mentions hostile prisoners as well, but I'm not convinced it's the same issue, because I've seen prisoners become hostile without it. They do usually become hostile after they see you attacking goblins though, or if they see dead goblins about.
2016-01-03 00:13   
Worth noting that even if you use dfhack to change a prisoner into an adventurer and are thus known and friendly with them, you still can't recruit them for rescues. They agree to join and then immediately leave your party and wander off playing pretend.

It's kinda creepy, kinda sad in a "I'll just pretend I'm not surrounded by kidnappers and slaughter and cold slade walls" sorta way too though.