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0009432Dwarf FortressAdventure Mode -- Buildingspublic2015-12-28 11:312016-01-14 14:50
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Toady One 
Windows 7
0009432: Certain buildings' layout changes every time to visit them
Reproduced with Vaults, Dark Fortresses, and Dwarf Fortresses (the tavern and library in the entrance hall would be in different places every time, but the books and chests would remain on the ground where it had been originally spawned)

Items and corpse retain their positions, which causes many corpses to appear embedded into walls.

With Dark Fortresses, the bug happened when I wandered into hell. When I went back to the fortress to get back to the surface, the entrance had disappeared and I was stuck in hell. I had to load a backup save.
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2015-12-28 13:23   
Does this happen in all worlds or just a specific world? If it's a specific world, what DF version was it generated in, and can you upload it to http://dffd.bay12games.com/ [^] ?
Deity Link   
2015-12-28 21:38   
(edited on: 2015-12-28 21:39)
I'm not sure how to attach a file to the issue but here it is:

http://dffd.bay12games.com/file.php?id=11576 [^]

Generated in 0.42.01
Tested in 0.42.04

Turns out that it's even weirder that I thought. Apparently the layout changes based on where you approach the site from.

As you can see in
http://i.imgur.com/oMB1PIH.png [^]
The layout of that worldgen dwarf fortress changes based on where you exit fast travel.

I'm ready to bet the issue with Dark Fortresses and Vaults is the same. (the exit might have not appeared in hell because I approached the dark fortress fortress from a different angle than the one I left it from)

Deity Link   
2015-12-29 08:09   
Now that I pay attention to the screenshot, I realize that the fortress even changes stone type between versions.
2015-12-29 11:03   
Ah, so that's that. I was wondering why is there a change in colouring, thought at first you maybe switched graphic mod.
Deity Link   
2016-01-03 13:58   
Now that I think about it the first time I saw the bug occur was in a Tomb. Gotta add that one to the list.
2016-01-06 04:15   
I had a case (adventure mode in 0.42.04) where the layout change
did odd things to the depot of a fortress:
Depot location seems to flip between a correct and an incorrect layout:
  - Depot and matching meeting/trade zone on the same side of central shaft.
  - Depot and meeting/trade zone on opposite sides of central shaft.

This influences possibility of trade (see 0008350).

Layout change also happened while sleeping in the fortress below.
So 0006955 looks closely related to this one.
Deity Link   
2016-01-13 18:50   
I think so too, since sleeping kinda moves you back to the Fast Travel map (unloads/reloads the area).
Toady One   
2016-01-14 14:50   
I resolved the instance in the save, which was caused by it not consistently picking the trees underground (which eventually caused the fortress generation to go off the rails when it hit those areas).