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0000095Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Stockpilespublic2010-04-01 22:172011-03-06 03:00
Toady One 
0000095: Refuse stockpile settings missing bones, shells
When adjusting the settings of a refuse stockpile, the Item Types section is missing filters for both bones and shells. Additionally, it is listing nearly every other type of item in the game (other than bones and shells, naturally.)

The refuse stockpile is able to accept the items even without an entry in the settings dialog, but you cannot turn shells or bone off for a particular stockpile.
* Create a refuse pile.
* Open the refuse stockpile's settings and navigate to the "Item Types" dialog.
bones, interface, shell, stockpile
related to 0001300confirmed Footkerchief Can't specify wood, bone or shell items in uniforms 
related to 0002762acknowledged Footkerchief Forgotten Beast body parts and corpses stored on refuse stockpile disregard stockpile settings 
child of 0000157resolved Toady One Stockpile settings "metal" category includes stones, gems, soil and other inorganics 
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2010-04-01 22:21   
um wow... just looked at this, yea, there's a really long list of crazy things on the refuse pile settings. an exhaustive list would be tedious in the extreme, but here's some highlights...meat,fish,logs,doors,weapons,armor,bins,... um... yea, this looks very very wrong.
2010-04-01 22:24   
Out of curiosity, I deleted my furniture stockpile to see of it would move anything to the refuse stockpile (since it apparently takes everything). all seven dwarves are now idle, and nothing inappropriate is being moved into the refuse pile. That list is very wrong.
2010-04-01 22:48   
I believe that list is for items marked as "Dump" when you don't have a Dump Site designated.

I could be wrong.

However in 40d the Refuse list was crazy long with pretty much everything on it as well.
2010-04-01 22:56   
Interesting theory, I just flagged a door for dumping and quickly disproved it. a door set to be dumped is not moved into the refuse pile.
2010-04-02 10:44   
I have a mood dwarf wanting shells and I have no idea how to get them. I looked at the raws for the cave lobster and found no mention of shell - it now says 'chitin' (which, I know is its shell), but there may be some funny business going on there.
2010-04-02 13:00   
Of the same reason my butchers shop is totally cluttered, since they wont move the bones, skulls and whatnot anywhere.
2010-04-02 14:04   
Skulls and bones are still ending up in my refuse stockpile, mysteriously.
2010-04-03 03:51   
My guess is that the bones/shells/skulls are being counted as body parts; thus, a general refuse stockpile will accept them. However, there is no way to put the rottables outside and take the bones/shells/skulls in; if you accept one, you also get the other.
2010-04-03 05:07   
@Dwarfu: Chitin counts as leather in this game, you must grab shells off of turtles. If you have turtles, make sure you set them so they cant be cook-able via the kitchen as that destroys the shells. Dwarfs will eat the turtles and you get a nice shiny shell.

bones/shells/skulls may not be on the list, but they move to the stockpile just fine for me. The only problem I have with it is that you can turn it off. I usually have an outdoor refuse pile for rotting flesh objects and the bones get shipped inside for storage.
2010-04-04 13:24   
(edited on: 2010-04-04 13:25)
@Lazureus - preparing the turtle now produces a shell, rather than the process of eating it...

2010-04-04 13:33   
Also not seeing bones, etc. in the refuse list. The other items (doors, etc) have always been there, though I never figured out what makes them count as REFUSE and not furniture.
2010-04-06 18:35   
It's possible than tantruming dwarves destroying doors, bins and other stuff could be it.

A catch-all refuge pile does catch it, but I tried for a few minutes to see which setting it's included in with no luck.
2010-04-11 08:25   
(edited on: 2010-04-11 08:28)
Bones, shells and anything else not edible from butchering now is 'body part'. My workaround: refuse pile inside accepts only body parts. Nervous tissue and such (which creates miasma(?) and ends up there too) is dumped manually outside or on a diagonally enclosed 1-tile dump. Outside pile does not accept body parts and receives mostly remains. since remains currently do not rot, I have to occasionally have to dump those too.

2010-04-19 07:13   
I used to 40D where i can put shell/bones, etc. near my craft workshop inside, and keep rotting refuge outside.. but now i can't... so i have to have my craft workshop outside near my refuse.. or my refuse inside.

however i'm not having any of turtle shells go into refuse, it's just stacking up at fishery.. :/
2010-04-19 07:18   
You can make a refuse stockpile that accepts only body parts from turtles and cave lobsters, that way you should get shells stockpile. Have not tried myself yet.
2010-04-19 07:34   
Rafal99 suggestion works btw. would be nice to have a bone/shell setting nevertheless
2010-05-03 14:57   
(edited on: 2010-05-06 14:49)
Thanks for moving the issue to the right category for me, Footkerchief. I made this issue before there were categories, and I wasn't able to properly classify it afterwards.

2010-05-03 15:02   
^^^ No problem. Mantis made it pretty easy to go through all the "General" bugs and move them into the appropriate categories.
2010-05-05 23:03   
nothing new, just really want this one changed.
2010-05-06 00:46   
Bumping bugs is completely pointless. Please don't do that.
2010-08-10 08:41   
Just a note to people that can't figure out why there are "other items" in the refuse listing. Any item that becomes XXdamagedXX is considered refuse, and will be moved to an appropriate refuse pile if that type of item is enabled. This is most common with clothing which seems to wear out over time, however, occassionally other items will be damaged and moved to the pile as well.
2010-08-10 13:35   
@Telarin Have you seen clothing move to a refuse pile? While XXclothesXX would be nice to have moved to a refuse pile, my experience is that they are still owned by a dwarf. Dwarf owned stuff is stored in their own cabinet/etc when they have time to do so.
Toady One   
2010-10-04 04:29   
I've added skull, bone, shell, hoof/horn and teeth to the refuse list now for 0.31.16, which I'm compiling up now.