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0009555Dwarf FortressMiscellaneous Crashespublic2016-02-10 19:312016-04-04 13:41
MacBook Pro, 16GB ram, 2.5ghz i7OSX10.11.2
0009555: Vanilla game simply will not start on MacOS ElCapitan
Apologies if there's a dupe, but I did a couple searches and found nothing obvious.

Basically, the game no longer loads. Unmodded; fresh download. Doesn't run. A window appears briefly, and then the mac 'beachball' takes over after it disappears. It seems as if it tried to do something as the computer fan kicked in pretty hard afterward, and calmed down again when I force-quit the (not responding) dwarfort.exe application (started via the typical df unix script.)

I also have .05 available and it runs fine, both with graphics/raw modifications and vanilla, so whatever changed to cause .06 to fail 100% of the time occurred, well... in .06.

an errorlog.txt IS generated... and, once per attempting, it prints the following:

Unrecognized Announcement Token: TRAVEL_ADVISORY

(I've three such messages now, given 3 out of 3 attempts to load the game, one after a reboot.)

Starting the game is as far as I can go. It fails upon load every time.
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duplicate of 0002624confirmed lethosor Bundled SDL version uses NSQuickDrawView on OS X; deprecated/unavailable in newer versions of OS X 
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Maybe try to check 0007389, "freetype missing on OS X; causes crashes when entering fullscreen and/or starting DF" and it's connected reports.

Also, when updating versions you have created a new folder, haven't you? Because overwriting some old raws with new ones can lead to just any wild behaviour.
2016-02-14 10:48   
Sorry; On the latter matter, as indicated in the description, this is stark naked pure vanilla. No modifications whatsoever. Even just one second after download to entire new df folder, it fails to start. And this wasn't the case on the immediately previous version .05; and no changes have occurred on my system between the two.

Took a quick vid of my experience: https://youtu.be/tNUtJWWqlEw [^] ... and, again, the only error mentioned in the logs (should'a taped that, I guess) is:

Unrecognized Announcement Token: TRAVEL_ADVISORY
2016-02-16 03:27   
update; after a question from tarn, I checked, and this problem DOES exist for vanilla .05 as well... there's something about the init files that has ceased to be compatible with modern osx, or vice versa. When I drop the inits (and corresponding art files) that I've been using for so long back in, poof... .06 works fine.

In fact, yeah... on a hunch I tried something, since this used to be an annoyance in the past and I always just do immediately whenever upgrading to a new version of DF.


It used to be this would cause the screen to be really small and inhabit a 1/4 quadrant in the upper left corner of the total DF window... so I did some reading and, ages ago, set it to


instead... and have been habitually leaving it like that ever since. Now, this is the difference between it starting up and not starting up, instead. Not sure what that means internally.
2016-04-04 13:41   
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Sounds like another duplicate of 0002624. Updating SDL should do the trick if you really want to use 2D for some reason.