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0009664Dwarf FortressAdventure Mode -- Questspublic2016-03-29 19:042020-02-19 14:32
Electronic Samurai 
0009664: Adventurer does not learn the name or site of quest targets.
Quest givers do not teach the name or site of targets to adventurers when assigning hearthperson quests; the adventurer cannot ask follow-up questions about the target unless he already knows their name from another source.
Random when getting a quest from a lord. Completing more quests increases the chance that you will be assigned an unknown target.
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parent of 0009836new  Asking rescued kids where they live doesn't allow asking for directions 
has duplicate 0009770resolved Dwarfu Quest to kill minotaur in labyrinth, unable to ask directions 
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2016-03-30 06:39   
I've had this issue as well. You can sometimes learn the name of a quest-related location by asking the quest-giver about the surrounding area and asking for directions to the location when they mention it, but when the location isn't close by you get reduced to scouring the map for it.
2016-05-19 14:49   
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Clone of my issue, 9770.http://www.bay12games.com/dwarves/mantisbt/view.php?id=9770 [^]

Manager edit: actually, yours is a clone of this one.

2016-05-19 18:37   
If anyone has a save for this, please post a link to it.
2016-05-19 19:28   
Here: http://dffd.bay12games.com/file.php?id=12051. [^]

If you ask the lord for a quest, they will task you with killing Neyi Topknight, located in The Persuasive Esteem. The adventurer will learn neither of these names, and will be unable to ask for directions to either of them.
2016-05-19 21:59   
2020-02-18 19:24   
Also true for responses to being asked about feelings or family.

I found a 9 year old girl hiding in the mountains near where she settled after being abducted.

 You: Why are you traveling?
 The human child Udon Bestisenre: I am escaping from danger which threatened my former home.

 You: How are you feeling right now?
 The human child Udon Bestisenre: I am separated from Pethit Standardstake. I cannot give in to sadness.

 You: Tell me about your family.
 The human child Udon Bestisenre: I have an older sister named Pethit Standardstake. In 239, Pethit was abducted from Homesunions by the goblin Stâsost Lungmonsters.

Neither Pethit or Stâsost appear in the where/who conversation menus or the quest log people list. The abduction isn't in the rumors menu or quest log events. (The place, Homesunions, is a conversation option and in the quest log, but I already knew about it.)

 You: Tell me about your family.
 The human child Udon Bestisenre: I have a cousin named Genam Reignedmurdered. In 213, Genam was abducted from Growljump by the goblin Olngö Dangerevil.

The people, place, and event are not in the conversation menus or the quest log.

I can 'tell a story' of Pethit's abduction, but from save-scumming it appears that was available before. I can also tell stories about Udon's life. But telling stories doesn't add any of it to menus or the quest log.

(She appears to have been out here for 8 years, having fled the same year she settled in Workedrise. Pethit also settled there, but 10 years later was abducted again. Workedrise is a breached dwarven mountain hall.)
2020-02-19 14:32   
Still happening as of 47.03