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0009749Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Stockpilespublic2016-05-13 04:152016-05-17 17:07
0009749: Clay "gems" have invisible entry in gem stockpile
Cutting clay like any other stone at a Jeweler's Workshop produces usable gems, but they don't have a visible storage option in the gem stockpile menu.

They can only be enabled or disabled with Block All and Allow All.
Create a gem stockpile. "Clay" (or Fire Clay, Silty Clay, etc.) is not found under any category.

Block all, then re-enable every category with (p)ermit. The stockpile will accept every gem EXCEPT cut clay "gems".

Permit all, or start with a fresh stockpile, then (f)orbid every category. The stockpile will accept ONLY cut clay "gems".
This was also present in 0.42.06.
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related to 0005275new  Jeweler cuts fire clay, but no new name for fire clay gems 
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